Imprinting its indelible mark


It all started in the Bundelkhand Region in 1999 when a small group of youthful and venturesome personalities established the foundation for the first well-planned, fully developed, and eco-friendly housing colony. Since then, "PEPTECH" has been a synonym for trust built over a decade of expert services in construction and development and is currently working across Madhya Pradesh. The project, christened as PEPTECH'S "Sandhya Vihar", the first of its kind in the private sector in this area, was not only a successful endeavor but proved a significant turning point in the annals of housing projects, as this paved way for others to venture in the field on similar lines.

"PEPTECH", the name is a synonym for trust built over a decade of expert services in construction and development. Beginning from the erection of 50 free dwelling units on simply one and a half acres of land, befitting to its name - Planner, Engineer, Promoter & TECHnical advisor "PEPTECH" is presently spreading its wings to jump on almost 281 acres of land to raise almost 2000 free "Happy Homes".

Building everlasting relations

Delivering high-quality living places

Proper planning, careful execution, quality deliverance, eco affability, customer-oriented costing, and above all quest for excellence, all together, have strengthened “PEPTECH” to glide in skies of twelve districts of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh within a short span of years.

Homely yours PEPTECH CONSTRUCTIONS building everlasting relations adding new dimensions to eco-living.

Peptech Builders

Our Mission

To expand our services pan-nation. To create a customer-focused organization. To provide our team with a work environment conducive to learning and growth.


Our Vision

The Company's vision is to create an everlasting brand image synonymous with quality and affordable luxury housing projects and to be a leader in the real estate industry in Central India.

Creating a melodic harmony of customer’s happiness, environmental preservation, and society’s progress


The values of teamwork, integrity, industry, professionalism, and ethos are what push us to give our best shot day after day. We relentlessly express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to our team, association, and clients whose continuous dedication keeps the company flag flying high.